Tips for Making a Small Space Seem Bigger

home decorExpansive open floor plans, 12-foot ceilings, and rooms with square footage to spare certainly feel quite elegant and luxurious. Even though the MacMansion era has given way to clever, mindful design that reduces one’s carbon footprint and provides a place for everything, some spaces just come off as cramped. When an addition or a new home are not in the picture, there are decorating tricks that can convey the illusion of big and breezy!

Let the outdoors in.

Whenever possible and absolutely if there are any enviable views, go easy on the window treatments. Use your home’s windows as mirrors to the outside, especially if they look out onto natural areas, sweeping landscapes or even a neighbor’s attractive garden. Now, if your view is of the brick apartment building next door or a neighbor’s collection of junked cars, scratch this suggestion!

Go easy on the occasional furniture.

A coffee table here, a side table there along with ottomans and sofa tables can clutter up any size room in a hurry. It sounds contradictory, but using a few carefully selected, substantial pieces of furniture can make a room come alive and appear larger than it is. Please note that substantial does not mean massive, but scaled properly to compliment the room’s size. Solid colors work nicely for sofas and overstuffed chairs while contrasting prints, stripes, plaids or geometric designs tie everything together. [Continue reading]

2015’s Hottest Housing Markets

condosWith a new year just around the bend, housing market analysts, economists, home construction and real estate professionals are all eagerly looking ahead. Although 2014 was not without some sluggish moments, overall, the U.S. housing market definitely continued on its slow and steady recovery. Even as the final numbers on sales, inventories, home values and appreciation rates are tallied, it appears that many in the industry have already rung in 2015. [Continue reading]

Mortgage Rates Remain Extremely Low-Now is Still a Great Time to Buy or Refinance

For anyone who believes that buying a home in the “good old days” was a much more affordable endeavor, here is a little food for thought with a mortgage rate snapshot: In August 1984 the interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 14.47 … [Continue reading]

Common Causes of Buyer’s Remorse

woman in front of house

Remember dropping a serious chunk of change on that awesome new outfit, designer sunglasses, or flashy car? Regardless of whether you saved up for the purchase or parted with the cash impulsively, you may have experienced that sinking feeling and … [Continue reading]

Single-Family Home Production to Take Off in 2015

house in rural area

The 2014 Fall Construction Forecast Webinar, which was presented in late October by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) offered up some very promising news. The group of participating economists made several positive predictions for the … [Continue reading]

Rate of Seriously Delinquent Mortgages Dropped in September

dollar bills

As the nation moves on from one of the most tumultuous periods the U.S. housing and financial markets have ever seen, promising developments persist. Recent news reported by Freddie Mac provides further evidence that America’s homeowners may finally … [Continue reading]

Homelessness Continues to Decline in the U.S.

house key

In 2010, the Obama Administration created our country’s first all-inclusive program to combat homelessness and put an end to it once and for all. Known as “Opening Doors”, it seeks to identify and help those who are living on the streets of America. … [Continue reading]

Home Price Appreciation Slows in most U.S. Metros


Amid the housing market and economic recovery, the nation saw some pretty big improvements: Higher home values, fewer days on the market and better employment figures, just to name a few. But with those jumps in market statistics came questions about … [Continue reading]

America’s 3 Best Mountain Towns

Featured - Smoky Mountains

If you're the type who feels more comfortable at a higher altitude, surrounded by rolling hills, or nestled beneath a lush forest canopy, a mountain town may be the perfect place for you to call home. Because we know that everyone's different, we've … [Continue reading]

AFR Welcomes John Samanns as CIO

Parsippany, NJ October 16, 2014 American Financial Resources, Inc., ("AFR") one of the nation's leading independent mortgage originators, has hired John Samanns as Chief Information Officer. Samanns is an experienced IT executive who combines … [Continue reading]