Texas Puts America to Work – Best Cities for Jobs Are In “The Lone Star State”

Two construction workers at job siteIf you’ve been keeping up with the national unemployment rate, you know that the country’s jobless is at a four year low – coming in at 7.7% in February, the lowest it’s been since December 2008. This improvement likely correlates to the 236,000 jobs the U.S. economy added in February, up significantly from the 119,000 new jobs added the month before. If you’re wondering where to score some of these great jobs, we may have a few suggestions.

If you’re having trouble finding gainful employment in your current city, might we suggest a move to “The Lone Star State?” It seems that Texas is booming when it comes to steady employment. Lots of great industries thrive in this southwestern state and with a vibrant culture, a rich history, and art and entertainment galore, it’s not a bad place to call home.

According to a recent article from Monster.com, a popular job search website, two of the five major markets to find work in 2013 are Houston and Dallas, coming in at numbers one and two, respectively. Monster cites low unemployment rates and higher wage growth as the two key factors determining these metros’ job market health. Houston, for instance, had an unemployment rate of only 6.3% while the wage growth rate was 3.9%. Home to several industries, Houston’s major markets include healthcare, aeronautics and oil. According to Monster, the most popular jobs in “Space City” are petroleum engineer, petroleum geologist, geophysicist, and drilling engineer.

As for Dallas, the unemployment rate was also 6.3% and wage growth came in at a rate of 3.5%. Dallas’ specialties include telecommunications, defense and technology. So anyone with experience or training in those fields may do quite well in “Big D.” Monster says the most in-demand jobs in Dallas are landmen, radio frequency engineer, senior recruiter, and tax accountant.

Dallas was also featured on a recent “Best Cities For Good Jobs” list by Forbes in February. The major Texas metro came in at number one on the Forbes list, due to the addition of thousands of jobs. Houston also made the Forbes cut, coming in at number two. And… as if two Texas towns weren’t enough, coming in at number three and number four on the list were Austin and Fort Worth, respectively.

There’s a definite trend happening here, and other states might do well to follow in Texas’ footsteps if they want to bring more jobs to their turf. In 2012, Maine ranked the worst state for business by Forbes due to high corporate taxes and “lousy job and economic growth.” Other states that could use some economic improvement included Rhode Island, Hawaii and Michigan.

If you’re considering relocating to the Lone Star State, please keep in mind that we offer home financing assistance throughout the State of Texas. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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